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These plots represent stage (y-axis) and water temperature (color). Regulated ("reg") sites are reaches with hydropower flows, unregulated ("unreg") represent "natural" flow conditions in the Sierra Nevada. Click on other tabs to view summary data and more about our monitoring/research.
Data updated 05/23/2019

Long Term River Monitoring Locations

This web application uses data collected by the Center for Watershed Sciences at UC Davis as part of a Long-term River Monitoring Project, building on a previous California Energy Comission Project. Solinst pressure transducers have been deployed (since 2011) in 5 rivers and are logging water temperature and stage at 15 min intervals. Collection of observed data through monitoring is a vital tool for assessing change in aquatic ecosystems, particularly in relation to climate warming and river regulation. This app illustrates a few useful ways to summarize and plot these data. Thermohydrographs are a way to show both stage (level) and water temperature on a single plot. Depending on river and interval selected, data can be downloaded as CSV files.


Ryan Peek
Aquatic Ecologist
Center for Watershed Sciences


Source code available: Here